We welcome you with broken arms

By The Inadvertent Gardener

December 4, 2009

Category: San Francisco


Just before Bloomingdale’s closed for the night, Jen and I ducked in to see if they had a pair of shoes for her to try on. We came down the escalator next to this mannequin, and I basically freaked out about how her shoulders looked totally broken, and how horrifying it was. We rode back up the opposite escalator and then back down so I could get the shot, and Jen had to grab me at the bottom of the escalator as I snapped pictures so I wouldn’t get thrown to the ground at the end of the ride. I’m classy and nonattentive like that, and she’s thoughtful and practical like that. And this? This mannequin does NOT make me want to buy anything. I’m just sayin’.

2 Responses to “We welcome you with broken arms”

  1. all of a sudden, I want to buy something tan and green. Something must be working here. Leeks? Oatmeal and onions? Great colors in this one…

  2. Mark, though Bloomingdale’s doesn’t sell any leeks, oatmeal or onions, I’m sure they would be happy to sell you something else instead.

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