All this must get done

By The Inadvertent Gardener

November 20, 2009

Category: Home


When all these tasks have been yanked off the wall (and recycled), I’ll be ready for my parents’ arrival on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. I have, as you can see, a lot to do.

2 Responses to “All this must get done”

  1. do the colors mean anything? Higher priority? And your parents arrive on Tuesday? Sounds like you might need a hand!

  2. Gudrun, they *do* mean something. Orange (and that one random green one amidst the orange) are writing/photography tasks, the green ones on the other end are cleaning tasks, the pink ones are errands (including fun errands, like going to the fundraiser I attended on Saturday night), and the yellow ones are non-cleaning, non-errands that had to get done at the house.

    I know. It is at moments like this when I wonder how I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD.

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