By The Inadvertent Gardener

October 29, 2009

Category: San Francisco

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{302} Studying, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

I took all kinds of pictures tonight, of many different elements of the evening, but this one is my favorite. Some of my friends from Iowa (and one friend of an Iowa friend who lives here and, well, now has become a local friend, and yes, it’s complicated, but ever-so-awesome, so it’s all good…) were in town to celebrate my friend Tracy’s birthday, and we had just finished an amazing dinner at Beretta and were wandering to the Makeout Room for one more drink before we split up for the evening. We walked by a still-open restaurant where a mariachi player was sitting in the window writing and consulting a textbook, and I got about four steps passed the window before I had to turn around and try to get the shot. I snuck back up and shot him from the sidewalk without him noticing, since he was concentrating so hard on his work.

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