By The Inadvertent Gardener

November 18, 2009

Category: Food


{322} Lunch, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

This week, I cooked up a ton of vegetables from the Jack London Square farmers’ market, made a batch of Massa Organics brown rice, and have been combining it into various lunch options all week long. Today, I had the brown rice with beet juice (leftover from the beets already eaten) and radish pesto, and roasted green beans tossed with salt, pepper, and Robert Lambert’s preserved rangpur limes.

2 Responses to “Lunch”

  1. Yeah those preserved limes are pretty special!!! S

  2. Sandra, I just wish they weren’t sold out on Robert Lambert’s site! I’d totally go buy more. Might check at the farmer’s market this weekend and see if he has any left…

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