Movement in the corner of a room

By The Inadvertent Gardener

November 14, 2009

Category: San Francisco


A friend and I spent the afternoon and evening meandering around San Francisco, in some cases sticking to our plan, in other cases, deviating entirely. Early on, we stopped at Greens in Fort Mason to get coffee and talk. The sun was setting behind the Golden Gate Bridge and the staff had sequestered all the patrons to the side while they prepped the dining room for the dinner service.

2 Responses to “Movement in the corner of a room”

  1. I often wondered how photos like this were taken…. how do people turn up as ‘just the right moment’

  2. Mark, I was shooting this from my lap and was actually trying to shoot the couple in the foreground, so I’d say people show up at the right moment because a lot of photographers are lucky and, quite possibly, screwing up their originally intended shot. ;-)

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