By The Inadvertent Gardener

November 12, 2009

Category: Arts, Oakland


{316} Rolling, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

Don’t worry, Mom, I’m not out chasing riots again. This time, I walked right through the set of Trauma on my way to work. Someone on set yelled “Rolling” right as I walked through, and all of a sudden I had mad guns pointed at me. So, of course, I had my usual reaction. I laughed, walked a little faster, and, as soon as I was clear of the set, started taking pictures.

2 Responses to “Rolling”

  1. Admit it! Those bad boys were gunning for you! :-P

  2. Ha! Kristina, they probably hoped I would scream like a little girl and fall to the ground so they could rescue me. I’M SURE OF IT. ;-)

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