The road goes on forever (and the party never ends)

By The Inadvertent Gardener

October 24, 2009

Category: Friends, Nature


In late September/early October, my friend Tea and I were trying, in utter vain, to find a time to go hiking on Mt. Tam, something we’d talked about doing since she’d found out on Twitter months back that I hadn’t been up Mt. Tam since moving to California. We couldn’t make it happen, due to both our schedules and, then, my bout with the flu. But this morning, she DM’d me out of the blue to see if I was available. I was, and we took a beautiful hike on what turned out to be an amazing afternoon. I’m still smiling from the hike and our conversation. She lives most of the time in Seattle, now, but I’m so glad we’re in the same circle of friends…and that she comes back to visit so often.

2 Responses to “The road goes on forever (and the party never ends)”

  1. GUHorgeous! ;D

    Hurrah for happy times with friends!

  2. Al_Pal, yes, total hurrah for that. :-)

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