By The Inadvertent Gardener

October 2, 2009

Category: Self-portraits


{275} Ponytail, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

When I woke up this morning, it was clear I was staying home for the day — I was still too sick to go back to work. I don’t know why putting my hair up in two ponytails seemed like the absolute most-right option for this day at home, but, despite the fact that I’m 36 and this is arguably an inappropriate hairstyle for someone of my age (well, everywhere except Burning Man), this was what felt right on this particular sickday.

2 Responses to “Ponytail”

  1. Heh. B’man FTW. & yeah. Good hair choice, I’m in favour. ;p
    I do it up in two buns to dry, often, to keep it off my neck & be also able to have my head flush against my chair. ;p

  2. Al_Pal, that was part of my thinking — much easier to crash out on the couch if I could put my head flush against the pillow. I should use this technique when I fly on planes, too. ;-)

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