F & the Caucasian

By The Inadvertent Gardener

July 26, 2009

Category: Celebrations, Friends


Fatemeh sips on her Caucasian, aka The White Russian, in honor of The Dude. She and Colin and I went bowling in Alameda this afternoon as our own slacker tribute to LebowskiFest, which rolled through town this weekend, but which none of us managed to participate in along the way. Among the highlights of the event: We ordered three White Russians at the bar, and the bartender (who was incredibly sweet and was also the guy working the front desk and, well, pretty much everything else in the bowling alley) had to look up how to make the cocktail and, since he didn’t have half & half on hand, opened a kazillion packets of non-dairy creamer to pour in instead. The three of us had to try very hard not to look at each other while this was going on…it was a dangerous moment of impending laughter.

3 Responses to “F & the Caucasian”

  1. I’m pretty new on Word Press, and am fascinated by your 365 project. Would it be OK if I were to follow it somehow? (am used to Livejournal)

  2. I have to say, the non-dairy creamer would’ve been the moment of no-go for me. Or I would’ve dashed out and bought some dairy.

    But I’m flabbergasted that someone who works in a bowling alley doesn’t know how to make a white russian — there’s some serious irony there.

  3. Nullify, you’re absolutely welcome to follow it! There’s an RSS feed for the project at https://365genie2009.wordpress.com/feed/ — if you load that into any feed reader, it will just give you the posts as I put them up.

    Anita, Colin muttered something about running across the street to the shopping center, but I think we might have broken the guy’s heart if we did that — he was doing everything he could to do right by us and our ridiculous drink order. He was so concerned that the drinks were OK after we started drinking them, and actually, they weren’t bad. There was way more vodka and khalua…way less non-dairy creamer than one might expect. ;-)

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