Supreme Court hole

By The Inadvertent Gardener

July 22, 2009

Category: Oakland, Work


The summer interns at my office have been organizing fun events for the staff this month, including an upcoming taco truck crawl and, last week, a salsa-off (with cooked, raw and guacamole categories — but no dancing). At lunch today, they set up a nine-hole minigolf course that included a variety of humor and hazards. This hole, set up in our small conference room, featured nearly a dozen grocery bags to shoot through, all decorated with Supreme Court Justices (or, in the case of Sotomayor, Supreme Court (fingers-crossed) Justices-to-be). This particular hole was the excellent and creative work of Govind, although our entire crew of interns did an incredible job with each of the holes on the course.

2 Responses to “Supreme Court hole”

  1. I love your interns! Ours just work hard. How old school !!

  2. Gwen, our interns are awesome, and are that way every single summer. (I only have two of said summers under my belt with this organization, but seriously…they set the bar high and meet it every time.) They’re kickass!

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