There’s a cowboy over there

By The Inadvertent Gardener

June 23, 2009

Category: Friends, San Francisco


“There’s a cowboy over there,” I said. “I want to take a picture of him, but it’s going to be way too obvious.”

“Take a picture of me instead, but focus on him,” said Marc. “That way he won’t know.”

Marc said they used this trick, once, on Monk.

2 Responses to “There’s a cowboy over there”

  1. Sorry but as a Texan (albeit a new one) I have to tell you that’s not a cowboy. It’s a guy wearing a cowboy hat having an identity crisis. A cowboy wouldn’t be caught dead in a bar with a bunch of preppy looking guys in white dress shirts. :)

  2. Kären, you crack me up — I agree, Beretta? Not much of a cowboy bar. Which is why I was so surprised! ;-)

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