Scarpia, we’ll meet before God!

By The Inadvertent Gardener

June 5, 2009

Category: Arts, Local events, San Francisco


Adrianne Pieczonka sings her final notes before leaping to her death at the end of Tosca. Pieczonka is making her SF Opera debut in this run. I watched it with my friend Brenda as a free simulcast to AT&T Park in San Francisco. The place was packed with opera fans and people just curious to see what it was all about. At the end of the opera, every member of the cast came out carrying some kind of Giants paraphernalia during their bow.

2 Responses to “Scarpia, we’ll meet before God!”

  1. Rad. I thought about going to that… But really, it’s farther from your house than mine. :P
    (By transit, anyhow…)

  2. Well, maybe you should think about meeting me at the next one! :-)

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