By The Inadvertent Gardener

May 4, 2009

Category: Beverages

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{124} Nightcap, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

Over the weekend, my date to Susan and Don’s wedding and I were talking vodka and I mentioned I adore Hangar One, which is made by St. George Spirits in Alameda. Turns out he’s a huge fan. I told him I had finally acquired a bottle of the St. George Single Malt, but hadn’t busted into it yet. By the time I got home from band rehearsal tonight, though, my nerves were absolutely shot. We’d worked on a new song, on which I play acoustic guitar, for more than an hour, including our lead guitarist teaching me all the chords (I can officially say I’ve added 10 new chords to my previous paltry repertoire). Before that, my car mysteriously died (and then, after awhile, restarted fine as if nothing happened) just as I got off Highway 101 in the rain. I’m wrecked-tired from all the travel I’ve been doing lately. All things considered, I thought a nightcap was required. And I can report that it’s perfectly smooth and was just right for its assigned purpose.

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