Brad Pitt and fried chicken

By The Inadvertent Gardener

April 20, 2009

Category: Friends


So, there is a completely legitimate explanation for this photo.

Last night, after getting home from a delicious potluck with new and not-as-new friends, I reviewed the weekend and posted this Facebook status update: “Genie Gratto is reviewing the weekend: baseball, lots of sleep, Nonstop Bhangra, late-night Chinese food, farmer’s market, awesome haircut at 17 Jewels in Temescal, fabulous potluck dinner and wine and conversation in an amazing garden with friends. Could this have been a better weekend? ONLY IF BRAD PITT HAD LEFT ANGELINA FOR ME AND ARRIVED AT MY HOUSE WITH FRIED CHICKEN AND MASSAGE OIL. That’s right.”

I’m friends on Facebook with Julie, who sits right across from me in the office, works with my team, and is a general ray of sunshine regardless. She assembled this for me before I got in this morning, and left it on my keyboard. Utterly hilarious, and now it’s hanging up in my office on the bulletin board. Which also means I CAN LOOK AT BRAD PITT AND FRIED CHICKEN ALL DAY LONG. That’s right.

Happy Monday to y’all, too.

4 Responses to “Brad Pitt and fried chicken”

  1. One small glitch: I count two Brads and no massage oil :D

  2. Anita, actually, now that I’m sitting here staring at the two Brads, I must say…it doesn’t feel much like a glitch at all… ;-)

  3. So awesome! I guess there are some perks to being on Facebook.

  4. Kim, there definitely, definitely are. ;-)

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