Sever steel

By The Inadvertent Gardener

February 26, 2009

Category: Oakland


I walk by this graffiti every day on my way to work. Today, I was deep in thought about the things I hold onto in my life, often more firmly than they deserve, and about the need to let some of them go. So, this morning, this piece of art seemed particularly appropriate. Sever steel, and release.

2 Responses to “Sever steel”

  1. Wow…it’s the same word I keep using in my prayers this Lenten Season. Sever the unseen ties that bind me. I think it takes a supernatural working for those unseen things to be severed and I think it happens in the context of community. The same place they were bound they will be loosed.

  2. Kären, it’s a powerful word…I hear what you’re saying.

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