This one changed my life

By The Inadvertent Gardener

February 17, 2009

Category: Arts, San Francisco


In 1998, in the basement of Border’s Books in downtown Washington, DC, I put on the headphones at a listening station and listened to the first notes of “Rock You Right,” the opening track to Susan Tedeschi’s release, “Just Won’t Burn.” In fewer than 10 measures, I had pulled the CD off the shelf to buy a copy, but I stood there a long time, listening to the music that had, with the opening vocals, changed my life. I’ve only seen her perform live once before—at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA—so when I saw she was coming to San Francisco, I had to buy tickets. My friend Jen and I spent much of the show sneaking our way closer and closer to the stage—it was incredible to watch from such a short distance away while this tiny woman with an unnaturally powerful voice and ridiculous blues guitar skills tore up the joint.

2 Responses to “This one changed my life”

  1. Cool! I’ll have to check that album out. :D

  2. Al_Pal, it’s definitely worth checking out, as are her more recent albums. She does killer covers — her cover of “Angel from Montgomery” is my favorite of all time, and she does a cover on a later album of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice” that blows me away. She’s an amazing artist…a total inspiration to me.

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